Friday, May 1, 2009

Secret adventures

Hi there, I just wanted to say thanks to the folks who have posted comments here in the last few months. I'm amazed that anybody out there has stumbled across my blog, and now I feel guilty for not updating in a while (but there is a good reason for it...)

I haven't been doing as much reading/learning lately, but this is because I've been working on a software project that is inspired by those very attempts to absorb information across the multidisciplinary world of CAS. I have a long way to go on the project, but maybe at some point I'll be able to post up some info about the project. If you enjoy gathering diverse thoughts & facts & information about the world, you might be interested in the software as well...

I will try to put up the occasional interesting thought in the meantime, I just can't do it as regularly as before.

Thanks, seeya soon!

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